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    December Update

    What a busy few months this has been! A book launch, NaNoWriMo completed, several short stories written, and that's not including holiday madness and everything else that comes with it. So what else is new? Let's pour a drink and…

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    Free Chapter: Starfall Ranch

    The alert buzzed on Shiloh's smartwatch as she drained the last dregs of her morning coffee. A harvest droid had suddenly gone offline in the northeast quadrant of the orchard and had been unresponsive for going on fifteen minutes. Grimacing,…

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    New Release: Starfall Ranch

    Hello, friends & curious seekers of the sensuous and the delightful. My first full-length novel, STARFALL RANCH, is available now in paperback and ebook over at Amazon!  STARFALL RANCH is a science-fiction lesbian romance that follows Thisbe Vandergoss, an heiress…

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    Hello, Gorgeous

    If you’re here, you’re probably looking for some quality literary smut. Welcome! I hope I can scratch that itch. I’m here to write sexy heroines and heroes into fantastical (and fantastically erotic and delightful) predicaments. I’m still getting set up…