two women kissing in space

New Release: Starfall Ranch

Hello, friends & curious seekers of the sensuous and the delightful. My first full-length novel, STARFALL RANCH, is available now in paperback and ebook over at Amazon! 

two women kissing in space

STARFALL RANCH is a science-fiction lesbian romance that follows Thisbe Vandergoss, an heiress and keen-minded businesswoman in her mid-twenties from London, as she flees her parents’ control and their horrific plans for her future. In order to escape them, Thisbe signs herself up for a mail-order-bride service on Sirona, a habitable moon colony all the way across the galaxy.

Thisbe ends up at the wrong farm and meets the owner, Shiloh Kerridan. Shiloh is a grumpy recluse with no time for the bullshit of others, but she’s a complete marshmallow underneath her rough exterior. She tries to turn the lost Thisbe away at her door, but a major storm rolls in and she relents, letting Thisbe stay with her at Starfall Ranch until the weather clears up.

What happens next is a series of evenings and adventures that neither of them expected, and a chance at true love that leaves them both forever changed.

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