December Update

What a busy few months this has been! A book launch, NaNoWriMo completed, several short stories written, and that’s not including holiday madness and everything else that comes with it. So what else is new? Let’s pour a drink and catch up.

This month I  finally have the full start-to-finish novella  Vale Sevin Versus the Darkholm Succubus ready to go! This project has been such a learning experience and I’m very happy to, at last, have a full-length Vale Sevin and the Falling Angels story to share with you all later this week.

In other news, I’ve also begun work on my next series of novels, Temptation Rock, a  very queer,  very fun paranormal romance series set in the small town of Temptation Rock, Nevada. Stay tuned for lots of little sneak-peaks and teasers in the months to come.

More soon! Keep warm and cozy in the meantime, loves. xx

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