Heart of Temptation Cover Reveal!

Exactly two months from today, Heart of Temptation launches into the world! (Have you pre-ordered yet? If not, here’s the link!) I’ve been dying to share this gorgeous cover with you all and so here it is! Cover created by the insanely talented Fiona Jayde.

Heart of Temptation is a gritty, sexy, glittering road trip to wild and dusty Temptation Rock, Nevada where three lifelong friends will reunite over mezcal and donuts to battle the forces of evil and find love.

It started with one little text: “Milkman’s come home.”

Skye Kincaid has ignored a lot of texts in her time, but that particular phrase isn’t one she can just leave on read. She has no choice but to leave her metaphysical supply shop in Los Angeles in the care of her assistant, pack a bag with all her best toys, hop on her motorcycle, and head back to Temptation Rock, Nevada.

Her hometown is pretty much the way she remembers it from her childhood in the 80s and 90s: too hot, too dusty, too slow, too many idiots showing off too much butt-crack at the bar. But Temptation Rock has two great things going for it: Skye’s sister, Daisy Kincaid, and her best friend, Sadie Pine.

Daisy is the one who sent the text, and she wouldn’t have done so if she hadn’t meant it. Twenty years ago, the three women stumbled upon a dark horror lurking in the shadows of Temptation Rock. The Milkman: a powerful demon wreaking unspeakable havoc in the small quiet town. They put him down, but not before he changed their lives forever, and not for the better.

Now, it seems the bloodthirsty demon from Temptation Rock’s past is not as dead as they thought. There are signs that he’s resurfaced, and this time he’s brought backup. But why is anyone’s guess.

On top of everything else, sexy FBI agent, Tempest McGuire, keeps showing up at just the wrong moment. Skye and Tempest can’t keep their hands off each other, but Tempest has a dark secret that threatens not only Skye’s heart, but their plan to thwart the Milkman entirely.

They say you can never go home again, and maybe that’s true. But for Skye Kincaid, it seems like home never stops coming for her.

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