The Arcanist

A passionate young woman of an alternate-world Regency England and a rich arcanist who doesn’t trust his own dark desires…

Verity Gibbs is the beautiful, lively, intelligent ward of the brooding perpetual bachelor and arcanist, Christopher Windham. She arrived on his doorstep at age sixteen, tragically orphaned and looking for a new home… and he immediately shipped her off to boarding school so that she might finish her education while staying safely out of his reach.

Now at eighteen, she has returned to Crossfox Hall as a woman grown and eager to step out into the world to make a match for herself. Then Christopher brings home a special gift for her on her birthday… a gift that has the power to link them in unseen—but definitely felt—ways. A gift that might just change the nature of their relationship, and their lives, forever.

A fast-paced Regency-era story of love, lust, magic, and obsession by the dynamic new voice of romance, California Dawes. This is one story you’ll want to sink into again and again. Read In His Pocket: The Arcanist’s Ward now on Amazon.