Vale Sevin

Vale’s used to being the one in charge, can she handle serving two immortal masters at once?

This pair of demons is ruthless. They are wicked.

And they are salivating at the thought that sexy Vale Sevin is willing to do whatever they tell her to–for one night only.

Davor: “With hips like hers and that luscious, dirty mouth, she was born to be a demon’s slave. To be our slave. Demons can climax for hours, and Vale loves every second of it. It’s only a matter of waiting for her to realize it.”

She is their obsession. Their addiction. And they want to keep her forever. All she has to do is say the word, and they’ll make her their immortal pleasure pet.

Vale Sevin is just another spell-slinging girl trying to get by in the magical land of Tairis. Together with her crew, the Falling Angels, Vale works both sides of the law to keep reaching for an ever-bigger payday. But when a heist at the grand opening gala of the Arcane Museum calls for the services of a pair of sexy, cunning, and very handy demons, Vale just may have made a deal with devils she won’t be able to walk away from.

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Vale Sevin runs an adventuring outfit known around the realm as the Falling Angels. They talk sweet for their clientele but get down and dirty when the situation calls for it. And they always leave a paying customer satisfied. So when a duchess comes calling with a hefty reward to find out what’s happening to her farmers in the rustic little village of Darkholm, the Falling Angels are on the job. Along with their sexy new sorcerer, Davien, who gets under Vale’s skin in more ways than one.

Turns out, the local lord bought himself a succubus and thought he could domesticate her in his manor. Now he’s missing, along with half the village, and the Falling Angels are racing the clock to stop her before each and every one of them succumbs to her seduction magic.